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Julie Rae is a painter specializing in Pacific Ocean and nature inspired imagery. She takes her beholders on a whimsical journey of tropical seascapes & birds.  Fascinated by the mixture of color, Julie loves to create textured backgrounds topped with bold designs & fun, flowing lines. She works mostly with acrylics on canvas, bringing to life vibrant paintings in a unique tropical style!  

A Northwest native of Spokane, WA. Julie Rae lived in Hawaii for 20 years and spent one year in Nagoya, Japan. She is a graduate of UH Hilo, also attended Nanzan University and earned her BA in Japanese Culture & Language. This fusion of cultural experiences can be seen in many of her lively paintings.  

Currently living in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Julie Rae aspires to have her work shown & enjoyed locally, in Hawaii, and in Japan. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram under ‘Art by Julie Rae’!

In Her Own Words


My Artist Statement

  I am a self-taught painter who loves art merely and wholly for the beauty it.  I enjoy painting anything that has to do with water, nature or sea life because that's what truly delights me. I've always been a positive person and like to create pieces that convey feelings of happiness & joy. I feel best when my life is peaceful & organized, and strive for my paintings to be the same. 

  I love creating a design that has symmetry and will be challenging to reconcile at the end. A fine ballet between following the original design idea to completion and allowing the piece to dictate its own aspects. One technique I use is to mix paint on the canvas, as opposed to the palette, so I can find little patterns in it after I've laid it down, and I love to measure different parts of the painting to find out how they compare. I'm also fascinated with color variation, texture & line, and I like my pieces to have swirls, dots & curves. 

  When people see my artwork I’d like them to feel happy and to take a moment to enjoy the details & intricacies I've put in. I want them to know that sometimes while creating my paintings I stand back & laugh at the thought that I am the medium thru which the piece exists. My ultimate hope is that my body of work will stand long after I'm gone and that others will find it interesting, delightful & unique! 


  I’ve been fascinated by Japan for as long as I can remember, and my first art inspirations were Japanese Ukiyoe artists such as Utamaro, Hiroshige, Utagawa and Hokusai.  They worked mostly with woodblock prints and I fell in love with their crisp, two dimensional art style. At a young age it became my dream to live in Japan and immerse myself in their rich and vibrant culture. My dream came true when I was fortunate enough to study abroad at Nanzan Daigaku in Nagoya for my junior year at UH Hilo. The experience was amazing and I was able to visit many temples and small towns. A lot of tears were shed when I left Japan and I hope to return soon!     


  I was lucky enough to move to Hawaii when I was just 21. What started as a fun experience with a friend turned into 20 years of learning & love for one of the warmest cultures in the world. I fell head over heals with the people, the beaches and the ocean while living on the islands of Oahu, Maui & Big Island. I worked as a bartender at such places as the Grand Wailea Resort and La Familia Restaurants in Maui. I also worked at the beautiful Napili Kai Beach Club, Maui and the historic Naniloa Hotel, Big Island.  The bright & colorful look of Hawaiian Art has always been appealing to me and I find the Surf Art movement completely awesome & fun!

Coeur d'Alene

  These days I live in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, which has the largest body of water I could find near my family. I was so happy to find that the arts are flourishing here and creative people are everywhere! It is the influence of the art and philosophy of Hawaii, the South Pacific & Asia in combination with my own Pacific Northwest Culture that I try to incorporate into most of my paintings. Using other artists as mentors I constantly challenge myself to take my art to new levels. Thanks to social media I feel very happy to be part of an international community of artists promoting peace and understanding thru the arts these days!  

 ​Julie Rae is a member of both the Coeur d’Alene Arts & Culture Alliance and the Coeur d’Alene Art Association.

University of Hawaii at Hilo. BA in Japanese Studies & Culture.

Nanzan University, Nagoya Japan. Certificate in Japanese Language & Studies.
Studied Japanese Woodblock printing under Sensei Tatsuhiko Hasegawa.  

Life is like art, we create it with every brush stroke!


In the News!

In the News!

In the News!



In the News!

In the News!

A lover of philosophy, here are a few quotes from Julie Rae:

“Sometimes my paintings laugh at me when I indicate what I want them to do.”

 “Some say that artists create art, but as most artists know it is art that creates them.” 

"Sometimes paintings scream in my head to get out, at others they knock softly at the door."